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Preparing my property for lease

Talk to us so we can help you navigate the journey to becoming a landlord and take away the stress for you.

  • If there are any repairs that need undertaking, have them done. If you show you care tenants are more likely to care.
  • Make sure your property meets all current regulations and safety guidelines, this can include such items as –
  • Pool Fences
  • Balconies
  • Water efficiency
  • Smoke detectors
  • Railings
  • Windows

We will guide and advice you on the necessary steps to take to ensure these regulations are met and that the property complies to regulations.

  • Be sure that garages, gates, fences, garden sheds and letterboxes are all in good working order and cleaned.
  • Have the gutters cleaned, lawns mowed, gardens and shrubs tidied and any trees overhanging fences or gutters trimmed back will attract more people and set a standard for how you want your property kept.
  • You can often add value to your home by painting, and doing some simple refurbishments such as light fittings, floor and window coverings. Even air conditioners can add value, appeal and could increase the rent amount sought after.
  • Make sure that any appliances that will be staying for tenant use are all in good working order and have copies of instruction manuals and any remotes with them.
  • Set up landlord insurance to protect your asset.
  • Ensure that there is at least adequate security, so tenants can attain contents insurance for their possessions.
  • Consider if you wish to allow pets in the property. If you have pets be sure to fumigate against fleas inside and out and have the carpets cleaned and sanitised before renting it.
  • Make sure you give the property a thorough spring clean. Setting the benchmark for tenants so your property is handed back in good condition.
  • Have your personal mail redirected. Tenants can forget to pass it on to us.
  • Have copies of keys and remotes ready and available, including any for windows, padlocks, letter boxes and garages or sheds.
  • Make sure the council bins are supplied and clean on hand over.