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Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

The biggest billboards or the loudest ads don’t always translate to the best person for the job. Agents are a critical part of the selling process, and can offer unique insights and experience. They also help shoulder some of the stress – helping you focus on what matters most. There are certain roles that an established, competent real estate agent will embody.
These include the following:

  • They are well regarded by other real estate agents
  • They are able to handle numerous negotiation methods
  • They have ready solutions for problems that have popped up in the past
  • They have a list of services for loan brokering, conveyancers, maintenance, building inspections, and contracted tradespeople
  • They will stay up to date with constantly evolving real estate markets
  • They will have access to all relevant statistics and data for their clients
  • They will be able to anticipate potential hurdles in advance
  • Your agent should be honest and truthful.

Taking the Plunge

What to Avoid

  • If an agent immediately asks you your opinion about the price of your property and then agrees with you without conducting any market analysis, you should be suspicious.
  • Another tool that agents might use to get your business is to say that they already have a potential buyer for your home
  • A tired old line Agents use is I can get you more Money for your Home to win your listing.
  • They may also suggest they can sell your home quicker to try to impress.
  • An Agent of poor character may use defamatory and misleading advice about competitors to try and mask their own inadequacies.
  • Does the agent you’re investigating appear interested in your property – or is it just another one in a line of many they’re hoping to nab as a listing?

“I’m the biggest, I’m the best.”

Every city has at least one big-shot real estate agent. It could be someone who has inherited the 100 year old family business. Maybe it’s someone who’s been working in the business for decades. Maybe he or she has invested a lot of time and money into high-quality advertising. Or maybe that individual is just a great agent who gets a lot of referrals.

Or…maybe not. While a lot of clients can be a sign of an agent with a track record for getting the job done, it might also be a sign of what you might call “incumbent

Advantage”. Everyone likes a winner, so they pick the biggest agent, the one everyone else is hiring.

The problem is that this can often mean poorer service. If an agent is listing 40 to 50 houses at one time, chances are he or she isn’t going to have much time for you. Plus, many of the biggest agents use a team approach. So, while you might think you’re hiring the guy whose face you see on bus benches, what you really get is one of his assistants.

Generally, the benefit of experience means that an agent will be able to provide consistently high service from the very start of your interaction. This will continue right until your final meeting, post-settlement.

Can you hire a friend or relative as your real estate agent?

You may forge a strong bond with your estate agent as you work together, but in the end it is a business relationship. This can be a problem if you are working with a friend or family member, because you won’t wish to upset one another. The agent may be too polite to argue with your point of view, even if they know your decision isn’t appropriate.

Having this type of intimate connection to a real estate agent could also make you feel uncomfortable pushing for the sales approach that you think is necessary. By working with an objective, impartial real estate agent, you can make strong demands and ensure that you get your money’s worth out of the transaction.

The Bottom Line

You should comfortable with your agent; he or she should respect and take great care of you. You know a good agent when they have tremendous pride in the area they work and live. And it goes without saying they are always available 7 days week to provide you information and feedback