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Buyer’s Agent

Macquarie Realtors Buyers Agents have lived across various suburbs in the local area, built lasting community relationships and monitored the Lake Macquarie Real Estate market for over 40 years; this assures our buyers’ agents are capable of sourcing potential properties for sale, often discovering properties even before they go on the market.
In-depth knowledge of the market, area and topography as well as rapport with locals in the suburbs ensures quick response –from shortlisting potential properties, inspection and negotiation for properties new to the market. Their experience in the Lake Macquarie Real Estate residential and commercial sales means they are able to negotiate with agents in the area when they find the right property for YOU at the right price and on better terms. From finding rare gems of the suburbs for people looking for unique homes, to people wanting to stay in a particular area or small/medium or even large scale developments in residential and commercial property sales; Macquarie Buyers Agents work for YOU.

“Off-market” opportunities: Our buyers’ agents can unlock potential properties before they come on the market, purchasers may save on agent fees and this may be reflected in your purchase price”

Our Buyers Agent Process

Buyers’ Brief: developing a “Buyers’ Brief -checklist of buyers desires, needs and goals” you can relax or free-up your time for more important tasks whilst they do the work This ensures agents get a clear picture of your requirements rather than guesswork. If you’re buying a home, we will identify your suburb of choice, discuss the style and attributes of the home you are after as well as your lifestyle needs and budget.

For investment needs, our buyers’ agent will assist you in identifying strong capital growth and yield suburbs as well as the type of developments and property types that will suit these suburbs for long or short term investments. Whether you are after a land that you can build townhouses on, a ‘cheapie’ that you can renovate and flip or investments for landlords, our buyers’ agent will assist you in realising your goal in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices.


Research & Shortlisting: Our buyers’ agent will provide buyers with information about -target suburb(s) property reports outlining recent sales of similar properties, zoning of the area, and neighbouring suburbs amongst others. This will be an ongoing report to keep you abreast of changes in the area; these include number of properties sold and leased that match your buyers’’ brief, new developments etc. Our buyers’ agents get to work, searching through their extensive networks to develop a list of properties that meet the criteria as identified in the buyers’ brief. Our agent will outline the pros and cons of each property in the review list to assist you in shortlisting your preferred option(s); they can arrange for buyers to inspect shortlisted properties. This will assist in deciding the ideal property.

“The average research to purchase time for prospective buyers -home buyer or investor alike is typically 6 to 12 months. Within this period there may be at least 10% rise in prices, our buyers’ agents’ expertise will save the time and money” utilizing their expertise and networks to search out your ideal property”

Evaluation: Once buyers identify their preference from list, our buyer’s agent will compile a market report detailing the current market value of the property. This report is generated based on market insights, similar properties recently sold and currently on the market as well as value for money. As experienced professionals we offer valuable market insight about the realistic value of a potential purchase. For an investment, the capital growth and yield will be a key factor or future prospects, developments in the area and suburb(s) growth potential for family homes are information required for making the right decision.


Negotiation and Purchase: Our agents will negotiate the best price for the property; oftentimes purchasers may become emotionally attached to a property and pay way above market price. However, our buyers’ agent is able to get inside knowledge on the progress of the sale allowing for better allowance for negotiation on price and terms –this can save purchasers a lot of money. Our agent will assist in all necessary steps needed to secure the property, these include finance advise referrals, co-ordinating pest & building inspections, facilitate the exchange of contracts and settlement process amongst others.